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History of Warcraft in Video
This is a compiled timeline from various sources with video inclusions to illustrate.

-147,000 (?) Beings called the titans arrived on Azeroth. They created the dwarves (called the “earthen”).

warcraft lore :the Titans

Kelthuzar the LoreMaster: The Titans and the Shaping of the Universe

Kelthuzar the LoreMaster: Sargeras and the Betrayal (part 2)

c. -100,000
Archeras serves as a laboratory assistant and information repository to Khaz'Gorath in the Bael Modan titan facility.

-64,001 The titans depart, empowering the dragonflights to care for the world and the Well of Eternity.

c. -50,000
Library chamber in the Bael Modan titan facility was damaged by quakes.

-9,999 Kaldorei Malfurion Stormrage, Tyrande Whisperwind and Illidan Stormrage; the demigod Cenarius; and the dragonflights defeat the Burning Legion in the War of the Ancients. The war splits the continent in three, forming the Maelstrom that plagues the seas to this day.

c. -9,970
The night elves first discovered arcane magic 10,000 years ago, when the race came across the Well of Eternity.
10,000 years ago night elves were communing with Elune through their priestesses, just before War of the Ancients

-7,300 The night elves banish the Highborne from Kalimdor, then close their borders. No one hears from them again for quite some time.

c. -9,970
Forest trolls were the strongest force in Lordaeron over 10,000 years ago.
Many night elves die during the War of the Ancients becoming banshees.

-6,800 Highborne settle in Lordaeron, the first elves to visit the continent since the battle with the demons. They settle in the north and call their new country Quel’Thalas; they change their name to high elves.

c. -2,970
3,000 years ago a violent earthquake shakes Stonetalon Mountains forming the bones of the Earth Mother.

Around 3,000 years ago, trolls attack nomadic human tribes
First meeting between Arathi humans and high elves asking for help against the trolls. First half-elves are born.

-2,800 The humans build the nation of Arathor to unite against troll attacks. Humans and high elves meet and become allies.

c. -2,800
End of the Troll Wars around year -2800.

c. -2,770
First human nation of arathor formed, and the philosophy that created the Church of the Holy Light developed soon after.

c. - 1,970
A couple of thousand years ago, the first humans appeared at the gates of Ironforge, and name the earthen, "dwarves". Dwarves are taught how to write by human scholars.

-1,200 Arathor gets too populous, and internal strife causes it to break apart into seven independent nations: Lordaeron in the north; Azeroth in the south; Kul Tiras, an island, to the west; Stromgarde, north of Khaz Modan; Alterac, south of Lordaeron; Gilneas on the western peninsula; and Dalaran, the mage city south of Alterac.

c. -970
A thousand years ago, a being of unimaginable power is said to have unleashed an army from the southern sands of Kalimdor.

A thousand years ago, Keeper Remulos helps form the Cenarion Circle and War of the Shifting Sands begins.

Night elves fight the silithid with some success a thousand years ago.

c. -530
Goblins run out of kaja'mite, and their intelligence starts to drop 500 years before the First War.

c. -470
High elven Farstriders organization is created 500 years ago.

c. -370
Gnomes have not had Kings or Queens in at least 400 years.

-230 Civil war erupts in Ironforge, with the Bronzebeard clan defeating the Wildhammer and the Dark Iron dwarves. The Wildhammer dwarves settle on the mountain of Grim Batol. Later, the Dark Iron dwarves attack Grim Batol and Ironforge at once, managing to destroy Grim Batol, but losing against the combined forces of Wildhammer and Ironforge dwarves. The Wildhammer dwarves settle on Aerie Peak.

c. -230
Goblins create the beginnings of the Trade Fleets 200 years before the First War.

c. -220
The three dwarven clans split, War of the Three Hammers occurs.

c. -170
Night elves work to stop satyr attacks 200 years ago.

c. -170
The Dwarves first discovered the gnomes a little over 200 years ago, and became friends with them, allowing them to build Gnomeregan in their lands.

c. -120
The Earthen Ring is discovered 150 years ago.

c. -100
Over 130 years ago Ner'zhul makes a pact with Kil'jaeden.

c. -70
100 years ago the green witch, a voodoo priestess disappeared into a swamp.

c. -50
Nearly 50 years later Ner'zhul realizes his mistake.

Twenty years ago, the Church of the Light had few members, many had died in Lordaeron. Most temples had only a single priest or were shut.

4 years ago, gnomes closed doors of Gnomeregan to the world and avoided the Third War.
Only four years have passed since the Third War and blood elves came into existence four years ago.

c. 0
Ogres crossed through the Dark Portal for the first time.

1 Eager to conquer a new world and aided by corrupted Alliance magi, the orcs attack. The First War begins.
Stormwind proves harder to take than they had thought, however, and the humans slaughter many orcs in the first battle. Orc warlocks hide the orc outpost from prying eyes and the remaining orcs reside there, healing and preparing for more battles.

4 The new Warchief of the Horde, Orgrim Doomhammer, lays siege to Stormwind. Under his lead, the Horde takes Stormwind castle in a massive battle. A half-orc assassin kills King Llane.
Doomhammer, having just destroyed the human’s pride and joy in the south, seems to retain enough compassion to understand that although sacking a kingdom is accepted, dabbling in dark magic is not. He captures Llane’s assassin, who is loyal to the warlocks, and tortures her into revealing their plans. Lord Anduin Lothar takes control of the Stormwind refugees, leading them north to Lordaeron. Thus the First War ends.

5 King Terenas of Lordaeron calls the other human kings together to discuss the Horde and Stormwind. Backed by Daelin Proudmoore of Kul Tiras, he moves that the humans unite to save the Stormwind people and remove the Horde from the land. Kul Tiras, Dalaran and Alterac are agreeable, while Gilneas and Stromgarde are hesitant.
The orcs move north into Khaz Modan, and the Ironforge dwarves contact the humans for help. The dwarves of Ironforge and their allies, the gnomes, join the Alliance.
The high elves, longtime allies of the human nations, add their bows and magic to the growing arsenal. The Wildhammer dwarves, due to Horde aggression and high elf appeal, also join.
The human Archbishop Alonsus Faol forms the holy warriors, the Knights of the Silver Hand. Some Ironforge dwarves join the humans in training as paladins.

c. 6
Between the time the first ogres crossed into azeroth and 24 years ago, half-human half-ogres may have been born.

6 Too soon after the previous war, the Horde advances north. They destroy much of Quel’Thalas.
The Alliance manages to force them back to retreat to Stormwind. The Alliance’s push continues and the Horde falls back to the mouth of the Dark Portal. Beloved Lord Anduin Lothar of Azeroth falls in the final battle. The Alliance destroys the orcs’ portal to Azeroth, and imprisons most of the orcs in camps held by Alliance forces.
The Second War ends.

7 The orcs reconstruct the Dark Portal, and King Terenas fights the Horde on its own soil. He sends his greatest heroes, Khadgar, General Turalyon, high elf ranger Alleria, Wildhammer dwarf Kurdran, and the human veteran Danath, through the portal. The warlock Ner’zhul opens several portals; the magic causes the orcs’ homeworld to rip apart. The heroes sacrifice themselves, closing the portal to Azeroth from Draenor, saving the land. Its unknown if they survived, and if they did, where they are now.

8 The human mage Rhonin leads an attack on the last powerful free orc clan: Dragonmaw. Rhonin and his band break the control the orcs have over the red dragonflight, and the dragons do the rest of the Alliance’s work for them.

10 The orc shaman Ner’zhul, now imprisoned in ice as the Lich King, corrupts archmage Kel’Thuzad of Dalaran. Kel’Thuzad forms the Cult of the Damned, maddened mortals who are obsessed with the undead, to aid him in creating a plague of undeath.

Warcraft Lore 2: Medivh Speaks to Thrall in a Dream.
Medivh, The Prophet and Last Guardian, warns a young Thrall about the coming invasion by The Burning Legion in this dream/vision.

c. 25 In the last five years, the Argent Dawn and the Scarlet crusade have both adapted the holy light philosophy to suit their own agendas and broken off from the Church of the Holy Light as splinter groups

Warcraft Lore 3: Medivh, the profets warning:
After Thrall started rallying the Horde and freeing Orc captives and when The Scourge was starting to invade the human lands of Lordaeron in northern Azeroth with a plague, the prophet Medivh, The Last Guardian, appeared to warn all humans who would hearken to his message to make ready to flee the coming tides of darkness. Sadly and fatefully, Terennas, the King of Lordaeron and father of Arthas, did not listen.
However, Arthas, Uther and his knights would take up the battle against the plague and find the enemy behind it.

c. 25
Thrall meets Cairne Bloodhoof for the first time.

25 The Third War begins
Paladins are unable to cure the plague that sweeps through Lordaeron.

WoW - Lament of the Highborne

Official video by Blizzard showing the "Lament of the Highborne" song by Sylvanas Windrunner which can be triggerd as an event via a horde quest in the expansion "The Burning Crusade".

Prince Arthas loses his soul and mind during a quest to find a cure, and is the dominating force behind the fall of Lordaeron and the slaying of his father, King Terenas, and the beloved paladin (and his mentor), Uther Lightbringer.

Warcraft Lore 4: Arthas Murders His Father to be King of Lordaeron:

Commemorating the fall of Lordaeron, the mightiest human kingdom that ever existed on Azeroth

Meanwhile:Warcraft Lore 6: Grom and Thrall Kill Mannoroth and free The Horde of the "Blood-Curse"

Grom is Slain while delivering the final blow to Mannorath. This is a tribute to Grom Hellscream, may he forever live in the hearts of the Horde.
Grom tribute:

Alliance forces flee west, their hopes dashed with the fall of Lordaeron, Quel’Thalas and Dalaran, and the coming of the Burning Legion.

Warcraft Lore 5: Archimonde Destroys Dalaran :

The presence of the Alliance and Horde alerts the night elves to strange movements. When Tyrande Whisperwind discovers the Burning Legion has returned, she awakens the sleeping druids.
In an unprecedented measure, the night elves, Alliance and Horde unite to battle the demons. Atop Mount Hyjal, the night elves imbue the World Tree with their magic, giving back the immortality and power the Well of Eternity had gifted them. The magic destroys the demon forces.

Warcraft lore 7: Night elf wisps kill Archiminde and save the world tree:

World of Warcraft : Ahn Qiraj Trailer

World of Warcraft : Zul Gurub Trailer

Karazhan the Movie Trailer

World of Warcraft : Zul Aman Trailer

The Third War, the shortest but the most damaging of them all.
The night elves, mortal, vulnerable and no longer secret, join the Alliance.
Jaina Proudmoore leads the Alliance far south where they settle on a rocky island called Theramore.

Warcraft Lore 8: Illidan Returns with Naga
Months after the destruction of the Burning Legion and The Scouge at Mount Hyjal, another demon Overlord Kil'Jaeden recruits Illidan to destroy the weakened Lich King in the Frozen Throne, promising great power in return.

Illidan Stormrage World of Warcraft

Illidan had obtained (tricked by Arthas) the skull of Gul'dan which transformed him into a black demon being. He plans to destroy the master of The Scourge no matter the cost to his soul.

wow burnign crusade cenematic

However, because of his new form, he is labeled as a traitor and a renegade by his own brother and people thus banished from the forests. He then recruits the help of the Naga race from under the sea, who were of the same race as Illidan 10,000 years before but were mutated after the original Well of Eternity was blown apart and the continents torn assunder.

With these fearless warriors Illidan means to right his past wrongs by destroying the Scourge. But power corrupts...

26 The diminished Alliance loses more numbers as most surviving high elves on Lordaeron secede and join the exile Illidan. They call themselves the blood elves to remember their fallen kin, and become Illidan’s army.

hellfire citadel trailer:

black temple trailer

Fury of the Sunwell:

WOW: Wrath of the Lych King - Zul'Drak trailer :
World of Warcraft: Wrath of The Lich King will allow you to explore Northrend, raise your level to 80, learn a new profession, create a high-level Death Knight character and obtain new items.

Warcraft Lore 9: Arthas BecomesThe Lich King :

After sucessfully escaping The Scourge in the Plaguelands, two foiled assasination attempts, and defeating Illidan and his Naga, King Arthas finally reaches the Frozen Throne in Northrend.

I spite of all the voices in head, he obeys the Lich King's voice and fulfills his mission by freeing the spirit and armor from its icy prison; only to be posessed by it and thus becoming the new Lich King incarnate until this very day.

Arthas, once a noble paladin of Light, plunges further into darkness...

Warcraft Lore 10: Enter World of Warcraft!

29 Daelin Proudmoore leads an assault on Durotar, failing miserably and leading the orcs back to Theramore. The Horde destroys Admiral Proudmoore and his troops, and damages much of Theramore, but leaves it standing.

The Silver Hand returns
The Silver hand, Uthers knights, although old- have returned to claim vengeance on Arthas and train the new age of paladins to succeed the now dying off knighthood.

30. The truce between the Alliance and Horde is still intact, although some say it is in their leaders’ eyes only.
Lordaeron is mostly an undead wasteland, with the Scourge and the Forsaken battling for control. Demons are still a very real threat in many places.
Although many people are just trying to get along with their normal lives, they live with the shadow of death still on the doorstep, whether their doorstep lies in Theramore, Durotar, Stormwind, or a tiny pocket of resistance in Lordaeron. Although not in open war, this is certainly not a time of peace.

Ashbringer: return of Tirion Fording:
The story of Darion Mograine, the Ashbringer, and Tirion Fordring.

This is the event that happens at the end of the death knight quest chain. The Knights of the Ebon Blade - death knights of Acherus - find themselves confronting their past and their future.

Darion killed himself with the Corrupted Ashbringer to free the spirit of his father, Alexandros Mograine. The great sword Ashbringer became corrupt when Alexandros' first son, Renault Morgraine, betrayed and killed his father with the blade. However, he was unable to attune himself to the weapon. Alexandros was resurrected as a death knight, wielding the foul sword. However, when Darion plunged the blade through his heart, he freed his father's spirit and took the curse of undeath upon himself.

Now Darion serves the Lich King Arthas. In an attempt to drive light from the lands, they bring a final assault to Light's Hope Chapel... where the Argent Dawn and the Order of the Silver Hand await them.

Music is from the King Arthur soundtrack: Hold the Ice and All of Them.

All is not lost~"The Argent Crusade comes for you, Arthas"

wow Call of the the Crusade trailer:

wow WTLOK cenematic

Wow the Wrathgate:

ashes to ashes:Birth of the ashen verdict:


A beacon of light: Crusader Bridenbrad:

World of Warcraft : Ulduar Trailer (HQ)

wow the fall of the lich king:

fall of the lich king ending:

The Lich King is Dead! Long Live the Lava Lich Dude! 1080p HD nullifie

echoes of loreaderon:aftermath

Cataclysm Beta - Goblin Race Intro

Goblin Cinematic (HD) - World of Warcraft: Cataclysm

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